Field Care

How to preserve your animals, birds, fish
Salting: Artistic Taxidermy


Remove all fat and flesh from the hide. Salt skin thoroughly with a fine salt (regular table salt is ok). Rub salt into all parts - fold, etc. Drain the next day and salt again. Keep in as cool a place as possible. Do not sun dry. Skin may be frozen with or without salt.
Birds and Fish: Artistic Taxidermy

Birds & Fish

Wrap in a protective coating, such as plastic or newspaper, and bring them into our studio FRESH. Freezing is a good way to preserve a specimen until it can be received by us.


However, if they have been cleaned, the damage is repairable.
Antlered Animals: Artistic Taxidermy

Horned and Antlered Animals

To skin for a full shoulder head mount or a half life size mount, first make an incision from the base of each horn to the back of the head as indicated by A. in illustration. 1. Continue to cut down the back if the beck well behind the shoulders to B. The cut may then be made all the way around the carcass at this point from B to C. Then make a cut down the front leg, slightly to the inside - C to D. The only difference is the amount of skin needed for a half life-size mount or a full shoulder mount is the leg skin itself. Part of the leg skin is necessary for a full shoulder mount, and a cut can be made at E, all the way around the leg. The skin may be peeled forward, taking care to leave plenty of skin around the ears, base of horns, eyes, mouth and nose. All of the inside lip and nose cartilage should be left intact with the skin. The ears must be turned inside out by separating the cartilage from the back skin of the ear. A cut should NEVER be made on the front side of the neck. DO NOT slit the throat.