Created at Artistic Taxidermy, Portland, Oregon
Featuring handmade (in house) paper mache mannequins designed to maintain the proportion of your animal with respect to its normal size. Artistic Taxidermy presents its customers with a unique mount every time.

Shoulder Mounts: Artistic Taxidermy

Shoulder Mounts

Shoulder mounts are most popular on all species of big game. The customer can choose from a wide variety of positions. Some manikins are made in house, but many are ordered to resemble the exact dimensions of your trophy.
Life Size Mounts: Artistic Taxidermy

Life-size Mounts

Each year we do many life-size mounts on various animals ranging from squirrels to grizzle bears. We can accommodate the customer with any position. 90% of our life size mounts are altered from the original position of the form. With every life-size mount comes a custom base with your choice of natural habitat.
Skull Treating: Artistic Taxidermy

Skull Treating

Skull treating is a popular service that we provide. Also referred to as European mounts, we do all skull treating in house can provide a quick turnaround of completion. We always place the clean and treated skull on a beautiful finished panel. All of our panels are made in house. If a customer has a panel design in mind we are happy to accommodate the request.
Antler Lights: Artistic Taxidermy

Antler Lights

We build antler chandeliers and antler lamps. We have them on display and for sale in our showroom throughout the year. If you have your own antlers and would like to have a lamp or chandelier created from them, please bring them in. Our customers are very satisfied with the finished product. Allow three to four months to complete a custom order.
Fish Trophies: Artistic Taxidermy

Fish Trophies

Fish are a specialty of ours in which we offer real skin mounts and full reproductions. All fish are airbrushed with the finest paints to make your fish come alive. For real skin mounts, wrap your ungutted fish in a wet towel and put it in a plastic bag. For reproduction mounts, we would need a photo of your fish along with the length, girth and weight.
Waterfowl: Artistic Taxidermy

Waterfowl Trophies

Throughout the year we receive all types of waterfowl from our customers. Again customers have various different positions to choice from. Our gallery offers photos of duck and geese mounts that can help you make a choice. Each waterfowl or upland game bird mount is supplied with a unique piece of driftwood.
Bear and Cougar Rugs: Artistic Taxidermy

Bear and Cougar Rugs

Rug mounts of bears and cougars are becoming increasingly popular and are linked to the larger harvest numbers of both species due to the animals' population growth. Rugs are done with either an open mouth, showing off the animals teeth, or a closed mouth. All rugs receive a two-layer felt backing of the customer's choice of colors.
Custom Tanning: Artistic Taxidermy

Custom Tanning

Custom tanning is another large part of our business. We do custom hair on tanning on all North American and Safari animals. Custom leather is no longer a service we provide.


Restorations are a service that we stay busy doing. If you have an old dirty or damaged mount we could certainly make it look, in many cases, almost like new. All restorations go through a thorough cleaning process along with attention to cracking and damaged areas that would be repaired. Touch up with airbrushing is standard procedure on all restorations.
Garret at work
Garret at work